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Video: The London Magazine Anthology

This is a promotional video made by Unbound for the above.  Thanks to Unbound for permission to use this.  If any publishers like the idea of this collection, please get in touch!  As you know I am now looking for another publisher as this project did not work with the excellent Unbound (see previous posts).  The image here is of Alan Ross (on the left) and Ian Fleming at Fleming\’s home in Jamaica in the early 1960s.

Morning Lane, Hackney: revisited

(Published in Links, Spring 2002)

Morning Lane is falling down
and its dereliction is
like the end of time.

at 3am in the eternal night of
here, I stopped in this road
of compressed grief beneath
the sign ‘Morning Lane’

my lips mumbled ‘Morning Lane’
‘Morning Lane’ and I touched
the icon of its former self
the beginnings of its name
when milkmen’s carts clopped
over cobbles and vegetables
fruit and meat were swept in at dawn
to load the great city for its day.

Goodbye Unbound!

It soon became clear that crowdfunding with the excellent unbound was not the right path for this project. I am now exploring other ways to publish this fantastic collection of London Magazine stories.’

You can still watch the video that we made about the project, here.

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