Barbara Hardy, June 2014

“Worman’s new collection reminds us what Henry James meant when he said the writer must be someone on whom nothing is lost, and it shows what the short story can do – memorialise place and time, concentrate feeling, relationship, sensation and history, in glimpses and vivid moments.”

Liam Nolan – Gwales

“Worman’s writing is delicately crafted and clearly thought through. This, along with excellent ordering and editing of the stories, makes Fragmented a perfectly cohesive collection to be read in one sitting or a good one to dip in and out of. I’ll certainly be dipping back in.”


Mark Hannam

“Jeremy Worman’s Fragmented offers us a verbal picture of London and its low-life. It is drawn with strong strokes and conveys lively images of many kinds. Reading it is both a pleasure and an education.”


Mithran Somasundrum – The Short Review

Fragmented is a novel not so much in stories as in shards. It’s as though the life of the narrator – Simon Carver – is a broken mirror which has been only partly reassembled. There are large gaps between the fragments, but we can see just enough to gain an idea of his reflection.